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Advanced equipments

01.CNC equipment

CNC equipment to make mould for blister pack. 3D designing by computer, then the blister pack mould can be finished in 2 hours.

02.UV 6 colors printing machine

A new UV 6 colors printing machine imported from Komori Japan, Item no: LITHRONE S29.
It has below advantages:
High color saturation and glossy,make the printing image have bright color;
Can print in many kinds of material,such as paper,Celluloid ,plastics,PVC,PET etc.
Printing and stoving in same time,it will avoid color difference and make sure high printing quality;
Resistant Optical rotation and Frictional effect are very good.


03.Taiwan sigle-head vacuum forming machine

A brand-new Taiwan Single –head vacuum forming machine. It has below advantages:
Can fix the vacuum forming thickness difference problem;
Can fix vacuum forming tray water mark problem;
This machine can produce positioning vacuum forming tray.It can forming printing products.

04. UV 8+1 colors printing machine

In 2015,we plan to purchase one brand-new 8+1 color printing machine from Japan. Its advantages are as below:
Can print any kinds of material in 8C and the printing effect is in high precision and the image is very clear.
Since it can print 8C in one time,it will short much more production time.
In full color part,we can use double printing to reach beautiful color and low the color difference.