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Paper box packaging occupies the largest amount of packaging industrial products, widely used in the packing of food, medicine, electronics and other products.
Colorbox packaging to a large extent, with its beautiful shape and decoration to promote the beautification of the product, improve the competitiveness of products. It has so many styles: rectangular, square, multilateral, shaped box, cylindrical, etc,. The raw materials are generally pulp, corrugated paper and other recyclable materials.
Innovative shape of paper box itself has become a means of product promotion, In future paper box packaging will be in the direction of environmental protection and economy, there will be more novel forms showed in front of us.

Paper Box/Colorbox For Stocking Aid

Pape Box With clear PVC/PET window

Colorbox For Light Set

Big Colorbox For Headset

Paper Box For Light

Paper Box With Blister Clamshell Inside

Black Specialty Paper Box

Paper Box With PVC/PET Window

Paper Box For Microcell

Black Paper Box With Big Clear Window

Black Paper Box

Black Paper Box With Flocking Blister Tray

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